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Thngs that are open in DC as of this week: Beginning of September 2020.
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1. White House Tours. rumor has it that they are going to be available on the weekends,

2. The National Gallery of Art West Wing is open in DC now, only a small portion of galleries are accessible, but its worth a visit. Get timed tickets in advance before going, you dont need to print anything out, if you have the ticket information on your phone. The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden is also open.

3. Just on the other side of the mall near Independence Avenue, the Sculpture Garden at the Hirshorn Museum is also open.

‘4. George Washingtons Mount Vernon Estate

5. The Bible Museum is open in DC

6. The Spy Museum

7. The Mansion on O Street

8. The Arboretum

9. The Gardens at the Smithsonian Castle

10  Monticello – Thomas Jeffersons Home

11. Udvar – Hazy | Smithsonian Air and Space Museum – Herndon Virginia

12, The Monuments and Memorials on the National Mall

13. The Smithsonian National Zoo