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• John Adams moved in 1800

• Running Water was introduced in 1833 during Andrew Jacksons administration.

• In 1877, President Rutherford B. Hayes has the first telephone installed in the telegraph room. The White House phone number was “1.”

• It would be another 50 years (1929) when President Herbert Hoover had the first phone installed in the Oval Office.

The White House! First on every Washington DC visitors Must See list, the White House is magnificent – both inside and out.  Situated on the earliest city plan by George Washington, himself, the White House was very important to our first President because it represents the Executive Branch of our government. The most photogenic side of the White House is the South Face where you’ll be able to spot the stately Truman Balcony even from a distance.  It’s this side that appears in famous news reports: The President lands in a specially outfitted helicopter, Marine One, and walks into the White House through the Rose Garden entrance- often waving as he enters.

If you want to schedule a White House tour, make sure to plan early, typically White House tours are booked 2-3 months in advance and must be scheduled through your Congressman or Senator. If you are visiting from outside of the United States, contact your embassy for White House tour information.

The official White House Visitor Center is an excellent place to visit. You will have to go through security similar to the way you do at airports. Lots of exhibits and 3D Computer models to do virtual tours of the Mansion.  Also a short video plays on a large screen that is worth watching, and a gift shop that has some very nice things to offer that are of better quality than you find in typical tourist git shops. This venue is operated by the National Park Service and all proceeds from purchases there go towards their operation. Located at the corner of 15th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW  in the Commerce Building. 

  • Black Lives Matter Plaza
  • Saint Johns Church
  • The Blair House,
  • Lafayette Square
  • The Old Executive Office Building
  • The Renwick Gallery
  • United States Department of Treasury Building
The Old Ebbitt Grill 675 15th Street NW
Mall near the White House