Popular Sightseeing in Washington DC

With so many fascinating and cherished places to visit in DC, finding the best spots in a single trip can be a daunting task. Home to unforgettable points of interest like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and revolutionary landmarks like the Vietnam Memorial Wall and other must-see monuments, finding a way to “see it all” should be a priority for every patriotic visitor or world traveler hoping to learn about the United States’ dramatic roots. 

Our national treasures represent all that our country stands for, and a well-orchestrated monument tour will connect you with more of these remarkable landmarks in a single trip. If you share in our passion for rich historical exploration and would like to develop a deeper awareness of our nation’s culture, our immersive local tours and sightseeing experiences in Washington, DC are definitely worth the trip! As we explore the stunning architecture, captivating sculptures, and breathtaking landmarks in DC, we hope to open your eyes to the wonder and inspiring history these top tourist attractions have to offer. 

From the US Capitol Building to the White House, There Are So Many Amazing Attractions to Visit

With our professionally guided tours of DC monuments, our sightseeing tours offer the ideal balance of traveling comfort, planned convenience, and a wealth of historical insight. At See DC Today, access all of the best sites with our driving tours of monuments, consider a personally-guided U.S. Capitol Building tour if you’re a history buff, and explore the area’s most popular landmarks with both van and bus tours in Washington, DC for travel planning simplified.

Top Places to Visit in DC: 

  • The White House
  • The US Capitol 
  • The Lincoln Memorial
  • The Vietnam Memorial 
  • The Smithsonian
  • & More 

We’re certified historical encyclopedias, and beyond bringing you to the best places to visit, you’ll find that our fun and engaging approach to monument tours is more than just an informative experience! From tragic events and stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and Lincoln to remarkable facts about the bravery and heroism behind many of Washington, DC’s landmarks, we cover it all in every informative and perfectly-paced tour. 

While ascending the steps to the Lincoln Memorial or traversing the path aside from the Reflecting Pool, our experienced guides transform DC’s tourist attractions into a relatable and illuminating experience. While visiting the Smithsonian, you’ll learn about our nation’s foundation at the American History Museum, explore out-of-this-world sights at the Air & Space Museum, and gaze upon world-famous portraits of our country’s leading characters at the American Art Museum. 

Our expert storytellers live and breathe the rich history of Washington, DC, and openly share their colorful knowledge with every guest. Ask our helpful guides anything, unlock the secrets of DC, and customize your travel experience with a variety of innovative small group and private tours available for an exclusive Washington, DC tour unlike any other.

Taking a Monument Tour Should be an Item on Everyone’s Bucket List!

Since there are so many points of interest scattered across Washington, DC, we recommend that you begin with a driving tour of monuments and memorials. Especially if you have kids in tow, a large group, or you’re unfamiliar with the Washington, DC area, you can expect to visit the White House, enjoy a Lincoln Memorial tour, and witness more of the top sightseeing places with a single van or bus booking. 

Beyond the best group sightseeing packages in Washington, DC, we’re also home to the most exclusive tour planning in the industry. Perhaps you’d like to spend the entire day visiting the White House or the Smithsonian Museums? Our courteous drivers and guides are glad to accommodate; simply tell us about the locations you would like to experience, and our all-inclusive DC tour team will handle everything from the ticket reservations and route planning to the climate-controlled cruising and flexible scheduling. 

Contact Us Today to Book a Tour in Washington, DC Today!

We’re detail-oriented experts that know the area like the back of our hands, and with our organized planning powering your sightseeing experience, consider that entire bucket list checked off in a single action-packed day tour! We’re available for a variety of accommodating tours every day of the week and will gladly help you find a tour plan that’s perfect for your group. 

Get in touch with our team for free information, decide on a date(s) that you’d like to visit, and remember to bring your camera for the best sightseeing trip of your life!



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