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Our Flex Tours are a great option for those not able to start at 10 am or have to be back earlier or later than 3:30 pm. We have had times when guests only have enough time to “Go see the White House” and take pictures, or only have one day and want to do as much as possible. with a Flex Tour we start early and stay out late.
Here are a few destinations to choose from for either 3 or 6 Hour Flex Tours. Tell us what you’d like to see.

• Air and Space Museum
• Air Force Memorial
• American History Museum
• Bureau of Printing and Engraving (free, time-stamped tickets required)
• Ford’s Theater (free, time stamped tickets required)
• FDR Memorial
• Holocaust Memorial (free, time-stamped tickets required)
• Iwo Jima (The Marine Corps Memorial)
• Jefferson Memorial
• Korean War Memorial
• Lincoln Memorial
• Library of Congress (does not include the Capitol Tour)
• MLK Memorial
• National Archives
• National Cathedral (entry tickets required for inside tours)
• National Gallery of Art
• Natural History Museum
• Pentagon 911 Memorial
• Tidal Basin/ Cherry Trees
• World War II Memorial
• Vietnam Veterans Memorial
• Washington Monument (free, time-stamped tickets required to view city)
• White House

Outside tours are available at:
• US Capitol
• Library of Congress
• Supreme Court

Wear Comfortable Shoes
For pricing and availability on all Flex Tours just give us a call.


Our Flex Tours are just what their name implies: flexible! If you’d like a day tour of our area but need to begin or end earlier or later than our scheduled tours then this is a great option for you.

But Flex Tours can offer even more. On a Flex Tour our metro-area destinations are flexible, too. If you’ve been to DC numerous times and now have a list of sites in DC or Northern Virginia that you have NOT seen yet but you’d like to visit then your wish is our command! Let us craft a 3 hour or 6 hour long tour for you at the times you need to the sites you want most to see.

We can even work out a shorter 2 Hour Highlights Tour or Photos-Only Tour without a guide.

Also, there are quite a few destinations in the DC metro area that will individually take at least 3 hours to explore. These sites, such as Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, The Lincoln Cottage, the interior tour of the US Capitol, The Supreme Court Chambers, etc, are listed under our Excursion Tours.

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