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The Korean War Memorial is presently under construction and renovation until summer 2022. The project will add the names of those killed and missing in action as well as repair and restore the statues and replace many of the trees.

Some areas near the memorial can still be accessed but most walkways are closed. Presently the Memorial is difficult to visit. We are temporarily removing this memorial from our tours although the path from the tour van to Lincoln Memorial leads close enough to the Korean War Memorial site to shoot a photo of work in process.

In March 2021, the National Park Service began the project to add the names of American soldiers killed or missing in action to the Korean War Memorial on the Mall. The memorial will also be restored and the repaired.


A sloped granite Wall of Remembrance will be added to the present Pool of Remembrance and two new pedestrian paths will be opened.

Existing paths as well as pavement around the Memorial will be repaired and the engraved names of countries which participated in the War plus casualty figures will be now be shown in stainless steel letters. All juniper trees that once surrounded the statues will be replaced and lighting will be updated. The existing linden trees around the Pool of Remembrance will be replaced and a new irrigations system will be added to extend the life of the rest of the linden trees.

The memorial will remain open during the 18 months of construction however many areas will be inaccessible during the work.

The project will be completed in Summer 2022. Funding for this work was provided by donations from people of the United States and the Republic of Korea.

Tips for Visiting

This memorial is currently under construction, and the work is expected to complete sometime in the summer of 2022. The memorial is located on the far west end of “The Mall”. Not many options for food and beverage in this area, there is a Park Service concession stand nearby that sells typical cafeteria-style food and drink options. If you are having fun with your camera, take a few minutes to photograph some of the statues and even the images on the wall here in black and white mode.