Washington DC is fortunately located near a host of incredible day and weekend travel options. If DC Day trips are on your mind, we’ve rounded up nearby cities, waterfront towns, and mountain retreats in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, where you can escape.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the election, 2020 was the most stressful year in recent memory for most people. And while many of you couldn’t fly off to Paris or the Bahamas last year, short day trips from Washington DC or a multi-day getaway this year can still help you relax and recharge.

You’ll find museums, wineries, restaurants, and holiday events that will drive away from the winter blues. Plus, we’ve created this list of social distancing activities in the DC area to help you explore the beautiful nature, historical monuments, and hidden gems in the DC area, even if you have to follow social distancing norms.

Read on to know 8 great ideas for getting out of town and still being safe with the social distancing rules and norms.

Let’s Look at 8 Great Social Distancing DC Day Trips from Washington:

Great Falls Billy Goat Trail

Great Falls Park lies just outside the beltway on the Potomac River. Here the river has carved a rock paradise that seems perfectly designed for an exciting afternoon of hiking. The Billy Goat trail is 3 miles of climbing over rocks; thus, it’s also a great workout. Interestingly, you can also explore hidden crevices.

Kayak in Mallows Bay Marine Sanctuary

The Mallows Bay Marine Sanctuary is amongst the newest marine sanctuaries in the United States. It is located 30 miles south of DC in Charles County, Maryland, and features over 225 sunken ships. Here, you can canoe or kayak through the largest ship graveyard in the western hemisphere.

Canoeing/Tubing in Front Royal

The town of Front Royal is about an hour west of DC on I-66. This beautiful place features both the entrance to Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park. It’s also an excellent launchpad for DC day trips due to the plethora of local rivers nearby. Front Royal Outdoors offers canoeing, kayaking along with tubing trips, of course.

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden is probably one of the best spots on a sunny day in DC! It recently reopened to the public and is now open daily from 11 AM to 4 PM. Take a guided tour from SEE DC Today and talk about what each sculpture means, along with the materials or title.

Fort Lincoln Park, NE DC

Located in the far NE corner of DC, Fort Lincoln Park is fantastic: history, exciting climbing structures, open running spaces, portable restrooms, and parking! During the Civil War, Fort Lincoln was one of 7 temporary earthwork forts that defended DC. Today, there are picnic pavilions where the towers were, and now there lie tons of fun climbing areas. We will certainly recommend you visit it this season as it fits the bill for a great socially distanced spot!

Soapstone Valley Park, NW DC near Hillwood estates

This hidden gem, a hiking trail, is situated close to Hillwood Estates in NW DC. It connects to Rock Creek Park at one end and nestles into a lovely neighbourhood. You can take the trail from the end of Audubon Terrace NW and access it through the other end of Albemarle St. Copyrights to the image belong to © Alexandra Hay.

National Arboretum, NE – Enjoy 400 acres of Social Distancing Activities in DC!

How can we not include the National Arboretum in this list? It’s 446 acres and has dozens of walking, hiking, and biking paths, and many gardens are perfect places for a socially distanced outing. We recommend going during the week as the parking lots can get filled quickly on weekends.

National Mall – Don’t Forget This Exciting Social Distancing Activity in DC!

The National Mall is just superb. It’s not just for tourists; it’s a beautiful open space for the whole family to enjoy, especially with fewer visitors and people working in downtown DC. Find plenty of paid street parking in front of Smithsonian Castle on Jefferson, and bring a kite, bike, Frisbee, and ball, and run and enjoy the classic DC sights.

The entire Tidal Basin Loop Trail is 2.1 miles, with the Thomas Jefferson Memorial on one side, the MLK monument a little farther down, and tons of iconic shots of the Washington Monument.

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