Washington DC at Night is a sight to behold! DC feels like a small town when the workforce of millions of people returns to the suburbs, and the District’s population shrinks to just over 700,000. So you’d think that the nightlife would shrink with it. Fortunately, that’s not the case, as DC has always punched above its weight class.

Visiting Washington DC on a short holiday can be daunting. There are so many things to do during the day in the United States capital, and you could quickly run out of time to see everything. However, there are many gorgeous attractions in Washington DC best left for visits at night.

The District’s late-night party goes well into the wee hours for those who aren’t aware of DC’s nightlife. The nation’s capital and backdrop to significant events in American history, Washington DC has served as the hub of politics and decision-making in the United States and has shaped its culture since its independence.

10 Exciting Things to do in Washington DC at Night:

1. Take a Night Tour

Plan to walk the memorials with one of our guided tours, but there is no shortage of guided tours at SEE DC Today that you could take to see the memorials and monuments lit up at night.

SEE DC Today offers about a dozen different pay-what-you-like night tours, including our National Mall Night Tour, Lincoln Assassination Tour, and ghost and scandals-themed tours.

We even offer audio and self-guided tours.

Additionally, there are numerous dinner cruises and bus, bike, and Segway tours that offer evening and nighttime tours, and we review and compare them all on our DC night tours page.

2. Visit all the famous Memorials

DC is known for its iconic monumental architecture, from the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument to other touristy places like the White House and the US Capitol Building.

And if you are wondering which ones are best to visit at night, our answer is – ALL OF THEM. Except for the Washington Monument, memorials in DC are open 24-hours a day and can be enjoyed well at night.

We suggest twilight, as you’ll have the opportunity to see the memorials come to life. However, venture into any memorials, no matter the hour, and don’t expect to roam around quietly as some memorials are more popular at night.

3. Explore the Museums Open Late

DC’s museums offer much to do for their guests after regular hours. DC museums showcase musical performances, thematic events, tours, and parties after 5 pm. Keep in mind that the Smithsonian stays open late on select days in the summer.
4. Get out on the town
The hottest neighbourhoods for nightlife are constantly shifting as new areas emerge. Similarly, here in Washington DC, new hubs for upbeat nightlife are emerging every year, too. So if you’re a night person, you can explore these places and make some new memories.
5. Watch Sunset Parade (at Iwo Jima)
You should watch musical performances by “The Commandant’s Own,” the Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, along with a precision drill by the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon with the backdrop of the US Marine Corps Memorial (Iwo Jima).
  1. The Phillips Collection After 5

The Phillips Collection in the DuPont Circle neighbourhood is a prominent stop on our Night Tours. It is the first modern art gallery in the US and showcases a fantastic collection.

The Phillips Collection is a happening place in Washington DC at night. On the first Thursday night of every month, the museum is open late and has a live band, snacks, drinks, and thematic displays.

This event is top-rated among the younger crowds, and often tickets sell out in advance, so plan if you want to experience this truly wonderful evening of art and culture in a relaxed live concert setting. (Image by

7. Concert Series at the National Gallery of Art

Sunday night free concerts at the National Gallery of Art became a regular fixture during WWII and have continued on a first-come-first-serve basis to the general public. Many musicians who have performed at the National Gallery of Art have become famous globally. More than 3000 such free concerts have taken place here since this program began.

8. Attend a Sports Event

DC is becoming a sports city with highly ranked professional teams that are often favourites. So we’re trying to say that if you’re looking to roam around DC at night, attend a sports event.

9. Catch an Outdoor Movie!

Films at the Stone: Definitely check out our nation’s beautiful memorials at night. And try combining your visit to Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial with its summer movie screenings.

Georgetown Sunset Cinema: Enjoy a relaxed movie under the night sky every Tuesday evening at the Georgetown Waterfront Park beside the Potomac River. (Image Courtesy – Georgetown Bid)

Contact SEE DC Today to enjoy the beauty of Washington DC at Night!

Apart from the things mentioned above, you can also visit Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veteran Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, Tidal Basin, and National Park. Plus, you can take a bus tour and also ask us for a guided night tour; we have many affordable packages that you can take.


Now you know what the best places to visit in Washington DC at night are. In addition, we offer several evening walking tours.

Washington DC is a bustling city, especially at night. And with so many different night activities to choose from, from ghost tours to sightseeing, why would you choose to sleep when they can stay up all night in DC? If you want to know which one will suit you best, contact us now.