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“Trip Adivsor Review”

We just finished an outstanding private tour with Dean from See DC Today. It was very informative and we were able to see multiple sites and visit inside several locations. Dean is very cordial and will take you anywhere you want to go in the DC area. He was punctual and our family and friends had a wonderful experience. His van is perfect for small groups. This was our second time to visit DC and traveling with Dean is the way to go. Excellent job!

Things to Know

  • Bottled water is provided.
  • We have umbrellas in our vehicles.
  • Phone chargers of all variety are available in our vehicles
  • For overseas visitors we provide a US cell phone. Your group will always be able to contact the guide and driver. This cell phone is rarely needed but one is available as an added benefit.
  • Bags and other items can be left securely on the van.
  • There will be airport-like security at some sites. At the US Capitol Visitors Center no water or liquids of any type are allowed into the building though water bottles can be re-filled upon entering.
  • Our goal is to keep walking to a minimum. We drop off groups as close as legally possible to the sites you wish to visit. Some walking will always be required. Wear comfortable shoes! Also, dress for the weather.

Our Private Tour is an individualized experience tailored to the guests who are booking it. Where we go is up to you. We can offer plenty of suggestions and popular itineraries. The sites we visit on our Private Tour are decided as a result of phone meetings and emails between your group and our staff. The times and length of this tour will be customized to your need; generally (but not always) the length of our Private Tours varies from 3 to 6 hours.

Call or text 202.439.5999 to inquire about booking a Private Tour.